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Scope Mounts

Scope Mounts


The new Optilock™ scope mounts offer design that perfectly compliments Sako manufactured rifles. The Optilock™ scope mounts have new features making this famed scope mounting system the choice for ultimate accuracy.

Angular design

The standard Optilock™ base features an indexing edge that makes it easier to tighten the ring without any accidental rotation. All new Optilock™ bases have a brand new angular design to perfectly go along with the beauty of the rifle itself.

Highly adjustable

Optilock™ bases and adjustment rings are offered in multiple different lengths and sizes. This allows for a multitude of different scope sizes and brands to be fitted onto Sako & Tikka rifles.

Unrivaled durability

The new 34mm and 36mm ring sizes are always paired with the heavy duty (HD) bases. This is done to offer maximum durability while mounting even the heaviest of scopes and to guarantee that they have zero flex or movement. Note: The HD rings are not suitable for use with the standard Optilock™ bases. The HD bases can be used with standard rings of any size.

The ring insert

The ring insert of the inner scope is made of polymer and protects the scope tube from deforming.


The new Optilock™ quick release mount is the most versatile and easy way to mount optics to your rifle. Using the quick release mount, a hunter or a shooter can easily dismount the scope from the rifle just by simply turning the levers on the base. Likewise, the scope can be quickly and safely installed back onto the rifle securely by turning the levers. All this can be done with a minimal shift to the impact point due to the high tolerance of the structure. By having two sets of quick mount rings it´s even possible to change into a different scope in the middle of a hunting day if needed.