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A cartridge is never simply just a cartridge. It’s an essential part of each hunt, the enabler of each shot. It’s something that puts you in charge of the situation. Matching the correct tool for the task makes all the difference in the world.

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Rapid Expansion Series

Maximized stopping power for small game. Non-bonded core and a lighter jacket. Mainly used for varmint and trophy hunting.

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Controlled Expansion Series

Optimized stopping power and good durability against bone. Bonded core and a thicker jacket. Mainly used for hunting medium and big game.

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Monolithic Series

Lead-free bullets with high penetration capabilities and good durability. Maximal weight retention. Mainly used for big game hunting.

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Target Series

Precision perfomance and optimal ballistics. Higher shooting velocity, less bullet drop and wind drift.

Gamehead PRO and Gamehead Varmint

Gamehead PRO and Gamehead Varmint

Our Rapid expansion series grows: Gamehead Pro with polymer tip is optimal for medium size game and has one of the best ballistic coefficient on the market. Aggressively expanding Gamehead Varmint in turn is specifically designed for varmint and small predator hunting.