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Sako is the world's most prestigious rifle and cartridge brand. Our long legacy, acclaimed reputation and high quality products are rooted in our employees' unique skills and pride in what they do.

100 years of Sako

History of Sako began when the company was founded in 1921. In 2021 we celebrate our 100th anniversary and begin planning the next 100 years. We have always demanded perfection in everything we do and our every intention is to continue the tradition. We learn from our past, but then start to think what comes next. Together with our partners and customers we are building the future.

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Sako’s milestones

Quality with experience

Sako has come a long way from the early days of hand manufacture to today’s computer aided R&D and CNC manufacturing. Nevertheless, we have not forgotten the value of traditional gunsmith craftsmanship, which is why we still carry out certain critical steps by hand. This is exemplified by our visual inspection of each individual barrel, after which we manually test them for accuracy during a test shoot. All of our rifles comply with CIP and SAAMI requirements.


At the turn of the millennium, Sako was honored to become a member of the Beretta Group, which gave access to new and advanced production methods enabling us to continuously refine our product development. In addition to rifles, Sako produces centerfire cartridges. We make more than 100 different loads in 35 popular calibers for different targets and hunting purposes. Making both rifles and cartridges is a matter of pride for Sako. Our mission remains to offer our customers the very best in accuracy and performance.

The Sako Moose “Hiiden Hirvi” is a bronze sculpture located at Sako Ltd’s headquarters courtyard in Riihimäki, Finland. Sketched by the landscape designer Pirita Meskanen and finalized by the art caster Jorma Kärkkäinen, the Sako Moose is a culmination of a 5-year design process. The sculpture was revealed in June 2020.

Behind the scenes

The Sako Moose is modelled after a real animal. Aided by the Sako experts, the artists were able to capture the likeness of one of the largest moose ever shot in Finland. The process itself mirrors the design and production philosophy of Sako, combining the traditional, high quality craftsmanship with the modern technologies such as 3D sculpting.

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