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premium and bespoke

Sako Premium

Handmade and exclusive Sako Premium rifles are the perfect embodiments of the Sako spirit

Sako Custom – Build Your Custom Rifle

A rifle is so much more than a means to an end. It’s a reflection of who you are and as individual as you are. With the Sako Custom concept, you can customize your very own Sako 85 rifle based on your personal needs and preferences. We offer thousands of different combinations for you to choose from. Our talented gunsmiths in Riihimäki Finland will then build the rifle according to your choices.


With the Sako Custom Configurator you can customize your rifle in multiple ways.

Stock model

Select a stock model based on your preferred caliber and hunting style.

Wood grade

Our globally recognised experts have years of experience crafting and working with wood. This ensures your stock always represents the absolute best of its grade, whether you choose standard grade or upgrade to high or even to our prestigious exhibition grade.


For the finishing touch to your rifle, you can choose between three beautiful engraving options for your rifle’s breech, pistol grip plane and the bottom of the magazine.

Additional details

You can also select your preferred open sight, the length of the barrel and trigger mechanism. The material and finish options depend on your chosen stock and engravings.

Sako Bespoke – Design Your Own Rifle

If only the absolute best is good enough for you, the Sako Bespoke concept gives you a chance to truly fulfil your dreams. Bring us your ideas of a perfect rifle and allow us make your vision come to life with a custom-built rifle finished with beautiful details that reflect your distinct personality.

Work with our esteemed gunsmiths to help choose the best materials and provide ideas for custom engravings, handmade by our master craftsmen. The only limitation is your imagination so get in touch and tell us about your dream rifle.

Individual Design

No two Bespoke models are exactly the same as this unique model can be personalized to meet even the most ambitious visions.

Prestigious materials

Choose the best materials and let our gunsmiths turn them into the rifle of your dreams.

Handcrafted details

Finish your vision with beautiful engravings and other exclusive details.

Get in touch and tell us your vision by e-mail here:

Design your own rifle

Sako worldwide

Sako is manufactured in Finland, but sold in all continents. Find the distributor near you.

Thank you and welcome to the world of Sako!

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