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S20 Accessories

S20 Accessories

Highly modifiable, the Sako S20 is as versatile as you are. A wide range of attachable accessories ensures that your S20 can go wherever you go, whether it’s the shooting range or the wilder terrains. 

Accessories can be easily mounted with M-LOK attachments made of aluminium (instead of plastic) for extra robustness.

Available accessories for Sako S20


The S20’s high-duty performance scope mount is something never seen before.
Made from extremely strong aircraft-grade aluminium and steel, it was designed specifically to provide a robust scope mount for the demanding user. It provides a strong hold for a rigid scope, supported by the sturdy aluminium base. A variety of different heights and ring sizes ensures that there’s a perfect option for every shooter. The scope rings can also be installed to different spots in the base, ensuring that both long and short optical tubes are compatible with this mount.


The barricade stop was designed to be attached in front of the magazine, allowing the shooter to support the rifle on barricades or obstacles without damaging the magazine and achieving a steadier position for maximum precision. The barricade stop can be attached to any M-LOK compatible forend or hand guard.


The S20 monopod provides further stability and support when you need to aim for that extra precision. You can quickly engage the desired height with one push of a button. The mount also has a threaded micro adjustment so that you can finetune your rifle’s elevation by rotating the pod. The monopod can be locked to a vertical, 45-degree or horizontal 90-degree position.


With the S20 thumb rest, you can improve your shooting position by placing your thumb on either the left or the right side of the precision stock. It enables a more secure and fixed hand position to get more accurate index finger trigger control. The thumb rest is easy to install by just removing the screw and replacing the stock insert with the thumb rest.


If you want extended magazine capacity, 10 round (7 Magnum) magazines are also available as an accessory.


In addition, muzzle brakes are available for different barrel contours. To further adjust the length of pull, extra spacer sets are available. The set includes 2 pieces of 5 mm spacers, increasing length of pull by 10 mm.

What is an M-LOK?

M-LOK is a modular locking attachment system that lets you directly mount 
a number of different accessories to your rifle. You can supplement your rifle with a flashlight, camera, barricade stop – or whatever you need on your journey. 


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