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S20 Cartridge+ Magazine

Cartridge+ Magazine

The durable and reliable double-stacked Cartridge+ magazine of the Sako S20, with its longer maximum cartridge length, was built to support reloaders, safeguard the bullet and to ensure optimal feeding. 

The magazine is designed in a way that supports the cartridges by the shoulder, leaving some space in front of the cartridge tip in the case. This prevents bullet damage from recoil which can have a serious effect on the ballistics. With the S20, the shots stay precise, wherever your journey takes you. 


S20 Cartridge+ magazine

The magazine is made of highly robust glass-reinforced composite, a durable material that’s not affected by changes in temperature. A composite magazine doesn’t change its structure when dropped (contrary to a metal magazine), ensuring reliable feeding.

S20 comes ready with a 5 round (3 Magnum) magazine, and 10 round (7 Magnum) magazines are available as an accessory.

You can find the caliber markings on the magazine. S20 magazines can also be disassembled for maintenance.

What is a double-stacked magazine?

A double-stacked magazine stacks the ammunition into two rows instead of a single file. This way, you can fit more rounds into a single magazine. Having a thicker magazine adds weight, and there’s less recoil. The Sako S20 magazine is double stacked, but also centre-feeding. 


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