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S20 Cold hammer forged barrel

Cold hammer forged barrel

All Sako rifles, including the Sako S20, feature match-grade cold hammer forged barrels. There are many advantages to cold hammer forged (CHF) barrels: they’re durable, accurate and have excellent tolerances. The cold hammer forging technique changes the structure of the steel, increasing its toughness and making the barrel life of your rifle longer. CHF barrels do not have to be broken in, but instead have superb out-of-the-box accuracy.  


More accuracy with Cold hammer forged barrels

At Sako, our specially trained professionals manually check every single barrel as no automated device can replace the human eye to inspect the barrel straightness, perfect rifle consistency and surface smoothness. What’s more, every rifle is tested by hand to guarantee sub MOA accuracy.

Are cold hammer forged barrels better?

Sub MOA bolt action rifles, such as Sako S20, provide extreme accuracy 
both on the range and in the wilderness. 

MOA accuracy refers to the accuracy and consistency of the rifle. ‘MOA’ refers to Minute of Angle and means the rifle’s capability to constantly deliver a grouping of shots from a certain distance. So, sub MOA accuracy means that at 100 yards, Sako S20’s five shots would all lie under one inch apart. 
In other words, repeatable accuracy is guaranteed. 


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