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S20 Full aluminium rifle chassis

Full aluminium rifle chassis

Sako S20 has an aluminium heart. Its chassis provides a sturdy, high-quality frame for the rifle. This frame brings all the parts together and allows for great modularity. It also carries all the recoil forces through its stock. All S20 accessories are attached to this frame to guarantee strong, secure and easy install. 


Sako S20 rifle chassis system

The S20’s rifle chassis is manufactured from aircraft-grade aluminium, and it provides maximum stiffness, robustness and thus accuracy. The weight has been optimised without compromising the rifle’s rigidity. Moreover, the aluminium chassis is not affected by tough weather conditions, keeping accuracy consistent even in varying situations.

The receiver is fixed to the angled surfaces of the chassis with a V-bedding system, increasing repeatable accuracy.

Black anodised surfaces of the chassis give it a non-reflective surface and a robust cover against all elements.

Are chassis rifles more accurate?

Chassis rifles are not necessarily more accurate than stock rifles – many other rifle qualities contribute to precision, too. What both stock and chassis rifles
do is support and help the shooter to stay in an optimal, most comfortable 
body position and to properly align the shooter’s head with the optic. 
Both play an important part in rifle accuracy. 
However, chassis rifles are usually more versatile as they allow 
more modularity than their stock counterparts. This is an advantage, 
as the rifle adjusts to the shooter and not vice versa, leading to better consistency and end-accuracy. 


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