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S20 Multi-adjustable trigger

Multi-adjustable trigger

Overall, the adjustable ergonomics are a big part of the Sako S20 design. This applies to the trigger, too, as having a natural grip on the rifle is not just comfortable but also improves accuracy. If your S20 doesn’t feel just right from the get-go, just finetune the trigger position to your liking.  


Two-stage Adjustable trigger

For the most optimal trigger ergonomics that fits different hand sizes, it’s possible to move the trigger either backwards (by 3 mm) or forwards (by 4 mm) with an Allen key. The weight of pull can also be adjusted (1–2 kg / 2–4 lbs). This way, you’ll always find the perfect pull for you.

S20 triggers are available in single stage or two stage variants. All components of their firing mechanism are assembled over a precisely machined aluminium frame to offer uncompromising competition grade trigger engagement.

The wide and smooth design of the trigger distributes pressure to a larger area, thus improving the feel of trigger sensitivity.

The S20 also has unique, improved safety features. The firing pin is blocked from moving forward and hitting the primer when safety is engaged, so the rifle won’t fire even if you drop it.

What is a two-stage trigger?

On a two-stage trigger, the pull is divided into two stages: before taking a shot, you have to partially pull the trigger to a certain stage, face a ‘wall’, and continue pulling in order to shoot – as opposed to a single-stage trigger where you apply steady pressure all the way through until the shot is fired. 
In a two-stage trigger, the final trigger pull is typically lighter due to the first stage taking part of the weight of the pull. Having the first stage can also help shooters with precision, as then they know exactly when the sears are separated and the rifle will fire. 
Whether one is better than the other is usually a matter of preference and determining what you want to achieve with your rifle.


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