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Sako 100 accessories

Premium rifle accessories

Premium rifle accessories fitting for an explorer: Sako 100 product family has a wide variety of premium accessories designed to optimise rifle use and deliver the most satisfying experience possible. Explore a world of stylish accessories and tailor Sako 100 to suit your hunting style.

Scope mount base

Every Sako 100 comes with a Cerakote Elite coated steel Optilock optical mounting base. Optilock ensures rigid and reliable scope mounting, giving you the focus and accuracy you need to make every shot count. You can introduce a scope best suited to your requirements by applying the specified Optilock rings. Picatinny base will be available as accessory, optimal for red dot sights.

Muzzle brake

Reduce unwanted recoil and muzzle rise with a muzzle brake, available for Sako 100 and designed to improve firing experience. The muzzle brake is coated with the highly weather resistant Cerakote Elite.

Rifle sling

The Sako 100 comes equipped with high quality QD sling placements and integrated traditional sling studs, enabling hunter to choose a sling fitting to their preferences and hunting style. The slings are available in 2 variations: brown leather sling matching with the wooden stock and a sling with carbon-like feel fitting the style of the carbon stock.

Two safety options

At Sako, rifle safety is a given. To make sure you're able to fine-tune every aspect of your equipment, we've provided two safety options for to choose from based on your individual preferences: manual cocking (handspannung) is built in as standard, but for those appreciating the more traditional method, there’s also option for firing pin safety.

Premium rifle bag

A rugged premium rifle bag with extremely weather durable material and design is ideal for the explorer. The interior of the bag is made of soft and dirt repellant teddy material. The bag can be fully opened to use it as a shooting mat.

Hard transport case

Every Sako 100 rifle is supplied with a compact, hard transport case designed to keep your rifle safe and secure in transit. The case has also extra space for additional gear.


Sako 100 is more than a sum of its parts, making the premium rifle a versatile tool for different game and conditions: explore the key features of Sako 100.

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