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Sako 100 ergonomics

Adaptable ergonomics

One of the key approaches to Sako 100 stock design is ergonomics. The rifle has been designed to be as adaptable as the hunter carrying it: the Sako 100 can be adjusted to fit different body shapes, shooting positions and hunting styles. The spring-loaded, adjustable cheek piece makes it easy to find the right height with all the scopes and calibers.

Explorer Carbon with adjustable length of pull

The adjustable length of pull of Sako 100 Explorer Carbon helps you to find the optimal shooting position for your body type. The length of pull can be adjusted with spacers that are sold separately.

Adjustable high quality trigger

Sako 100's trigger can be ajusted on a 6 step system, with weight of pull ranging from 750g to 1750g. The wide range means you can find the weight that works for you, and readjustment can be done without any dissassembly.

For the most optimal trigger ergonomics the trigger can also be moved forwards and backwards.


Sako 100 is more than a sum of its parts, making the premium rifle a versatile tool for different game and conditions: explore the key features of Sako 100.

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