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Sako 100 legendary bolt-action

The legendary Sako bolt-action

The legendary bolt-action mechanism for safety and precision: For decades, Sako bolt action has held legendary status in the world of hunting rifles – the incomparably smooth action of the Sako bolt is the stuff of campfire tales told across the globe. Using a machining technique called broaching, a unique key-shaped interior is cut inside the receiver which ensures the bolt moves effortlessly  – providing a flawless feed from inside the magazine and minimized sound signature.

We're proud to incorporate this storied technology into the Sako 100 rifle. It ensures unparalleled reliability in reloading, making your next shot a certainty.

Diamond Like Coating in bolt

Sako has long been known for the quality of its bolt actions. The bolt of the Sako 100 is no exception: we've used the same technology that is used to coat the world's hardest machine tools used for example on oil drilling rigs. The process, which involves firing atoms towards the steel surface in a high vacuum forming diamond-like structures on the metal. This results in unparallelled durability and smoothness – creating incredible resistance to wear. The microstructure of the coating is engineered to absorb the oil for the maximised protection against rust, ensuring reliable functionality regardless of the weather or environment.

Optimized experience with Sako’s cartridges

Sako is one of the few companies in the world to produce both rifles and cartridges. There is considerable synergy in the design, manufacturing and testing phases of the development process, resulting in unprecedented reliability of the Sako 100 and the best combination of the rifle and cartridges on the market.

All-metal magazines

Sako 100 has all-metal, staggered, two row magazines providing reliable action in all conditions. The magazines are top-loadable, making it possible to load the magazine without removing it from the rifle, while total latch control prevents accidental magazine release. Each caliber size has it's own magazine for optimal operation.


Sako 100 is more than a sum of its parts, making the premium rifle a versatile tool for different game and conditions: explore the key features of Sako 100.

Thank you and welcome to the world of Sako!

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