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Sako 100 Premium materials

Premium materials & coatings

High-quality materials for harsh conditions of the hunt: Whether rocky crags or soft undergrowth, dry plains or wetlands – traversing diverse environments is all in a days work for a true explorer.

Sako 100 is designed to be the ultimate all-weather, all-environment solution for your hunting needs throughout the year. All-metal operational parts of the rifle are constructed using light-weight anodized aluminium and carefully chosen steel grades for the perfect balance between weight and operational reliability. We also used latest coating technologies to ensure the ultimate resilience of the rifle.

Cerakote Elite coating

A premium rifle should last a lifetime – and be easy to maintain. This means giving components the best protection available.

Cerakote Elite is the highest performing category of cerakote technical ceramic coating available. Unlike traditional cerakote, Cerakote Elite can be applied also to mechanism and mechanical surfaces improving hardness, abrasion resistance and lubricity. This makes it the perfect coating for Sako 100's receiver and barrel, where a layer of just 7-11 microns gives the ultimate protection for your rifle's vital components and mechanisms.

Acting as a teflon-like substance – cerakote repels dirt and grime, making your rifle easier to maintain and ensuring operational reliability, wherever your exploration takes you.

Diamond-like coating in bolt

Sako has long been known for the quality of its bolt actions. The bolt of the Sako 100 is no exception: we've used the same technology that is used to coat the world's hardest machine tools used for example on oil drilling rigs. The process, which involves firing atoms towards the steel surface in a high vacuum forming diamond-like structures on the metal. This results in unparallelled durability and smoothness – creating incredible resistance to wear. The microstructure of the coating is engineered to absorb the oil for the maximised protection against rust, ensuring reliable functionality regardless of the weather or environment.


Sako 100 is more than a sum of its parts, making the premium rifle a versatile tool for different game and conditions: explore the key features of Sako 100.

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