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Sako 100 switch-caliber

A switch-caliber platform

A switch-caliber platform for cross-season hunting: Sako 100 is a versatile, future-proof platform designed for an advanced hunter wishing to explore their limits. Wherever the adventures take you, the option to switch calibers makes sure you're working with pin-point accuracy adjusted for your needs: from a long-range antelope hunt across the dry savanna of South Africa, to a close-range bear hunt in the frosty forests of Scandinavia, the Sako 100 adapts to every game, every season – and every situation.

The multi-use Sako 100 enables for your passion to grow: you can modify the rifle according to your own preferences and the game you are hunting. With Sako 100, the switching between the barrels has been made as easy and swift as possible, enabling also caliber change while you are travelling using the torque wrench supplied with the rifle. In addition, the switch-caliber rifle can be stored and transported in more compact form, making it a perfect companion for a travelling hunter.

A barrel mounted scope for out-of-the-case accuracy

Unlike many other hunting rifles, the Sako 100 is ready for action straight out-of-the-case, delivering unparalleled accuracy appreciated by a travelling hunter.

Sako 100's barrel mounted scope means there's no need for lengthy or inconvenient re-zeroing on the range, so you can change barrels on the go – making Sako 100 the rifle of choice for hunters that prioritize freedom and adaptability in all conditions. Once zeroed, no re-zeroing is needed upon caliber change.

How to switch a barrel in Sako 100?

Sako 100 is easy and intuitive to use – and that includes barrel change. 1. Take the bolt off. 2. Unscrew the barrel using the torque wrench 3. Change the barrel and fix it into its place. 4. Lightly tighten the screws. 5. Slide the bolt back in place and close the bolt. 6. Tighten the screws to 7 Nm with the torque wrench.

The torque wrench used to change the barrel comes as an accessory with the rifle. In the wild (or when the torque wrench is out of reach), you can also use the handy tool located in the compartment of the stock to make sure the screws are tightened. The same tool can also be used to detach the scope and rear-stock and adjust trigger position, enabling field maintenance.

Aluminium V-bedding for repeatable accuracy

A robust rifle bedding is essential for maintaining accuracy and consistency between shots. The Sako 100 has a state of the art aluminium V-bedding that has been designed to be in contact with the full length of the receiver. This creates a solid foundation and results in a truly well-balanced, reliable and accurate rifle for all hunting conditions.


Sako 100 is more than a sum of its parts, making the premium rifle a versatile tool for different game and conditions: explore the key features of Sako 100.

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